The school runs four committees. All House Form Reps and Year Captains will be chosen to sit on one of the committees that they feel passionate about. These committees are also open to all students. The four committees are:

Culture and Community

Provide more school events for all students to participate in.

Have contact with our local community.

Help to suggest and organise trips for rewards.


Raise awareness of having a healthy, active, lifestyle.

Helping out at sporting events.

Organising sporting events as part of a House system

Focusing on Healthy eating options


Create an effective recycling scheme within our school.

To improve the schools image.

To become an eco-friendly school and make students aware of current local and world issues.


To allow student voice council members to have a view on current teaching practice and strategies used in the classroom.

To be involved in the organising and devising of questions and have a point of view during the new staff interviewing process.

To ensure that we listen to what resources students need to access all parts of the curriculum.