Groove Night 2015

Groove Night was a celebration of the rich musical culture that exists at Chancellor’s; if you were there you experienced something special, unique and possibly unrepeatable.

A copy of the souvenir program from the evening can be downloaded here.

Jazz Band

“Formed approx 2005, the jazz workshop began without a rhythm section and used play-along cds for backing to which Mr Walker wrote charts for the assembled 'horns'. From 2012 we have been blessed with 'live' piano(s)/bass/drums/guitar which has led to live performance being both more practical and visual. Some former members have gone on to study music at Uni, though never forgetting the experience Chancellors Jazz gave them.”


“Blend was formed around the voices of Carla Husband, Lucy Mellenfield and Vicky Absolon. They really are good foils for each other and in post-mixing proved to have well matched voices.”


“Named after a lens used by architectural photographers to minimise perspective effects on tall buildings, the band was formed in 2011 of friends from Chancellor’s and Dame Alice Owens. The band has gigged widely, played festivals and often appeared in Chancellor’s Battle of the Bands. They have played a variety of material over the years (including many original compositions).”


“Kingsmen, friends from Year 11, have played together since Year 7 and are deep in GCSE’s as this is written. Not all will be moving into Chancellor’s 6th Form, and so this almost was the last time this line-up played together.”

The Usual Suspects

“Chancellor’s has a long history of teacher-bands that have been brilliantly entertaining and often included the more able members of the student body; and so the ‘Suspects’ follow in that vein. Named after a famous line in the classic 1942 film Casablanca, this cast of virtuosi will have already played through most of this evening, so will just be warming up and will need little introduction. Originally called R-MUB or Rotating Mash-Up Band, it was the intention to bring together the best players into a ‘musical chairs’ format performing in a variety of styles not usually heard at school concerts. It also presented an opportunity to invite favourite performers of the past.”