Year 7 - Welcome

Hello! My name is Mrs Martin and I am Head of Year 7. I would like to welcome you to Chancellor’s School. If you are looking at this page, then you are probably about to come to Chancellor’s School in September this year.

You will be one of about 180 boys and girls coming from one of up to 30 different schools around the area and hopefully you are really excited about the prospect!

May or June

The first thing that will happen after you have got a Year 7 place here is in May/June, one of The Pastoral Year Head team will come and see you and any other boys or girls from your school. We will have a chat with you all and answer any questions you may have. We will also pick up some information about you from your Year 6 teacher.


In July, you will come and spend the day with us in Chancellor’s. Remember you may not be in the same Form Group as your friends from Primary School, but we always try to put you in a Form with someone you know. You will get to meet all the boys and girls in your Form and do some lessons, like Maths, Drama or French. You will bring your packed lunch and if it’s nice you eat it out on the field. You also get your photograph taken for your SMART Card (lunch card), so remember to wear your Primary School uniform on that day so you look smart!


In September, you will start school a day earlier than everybody else – that means you get the whole place to yourselves. It means you get a chance to find your feet before all the other children arrive. You will meet up with your Form and Form Tutor again and you will get a locker allocated to you. Lockers are never easy to work when you first get them, but I promise you, you will learn very quickly, so don’t worry!