Year 7 - Detentions

Every new Year 7 pupil worries about these, but they are actually quite hard to get! If you...

  • Enter the classroom quietly and are correctly dressed
  • Bring the correct equipment for each lesson
  • Work hard during the lesson
  • Do not talk or act silly during the lesson
  • Hand in your homework on time
  • Are polite and courteous at all times around the school

Then you will never get a detention – it is all easy!

If you break any of the school rules then there are a few things that can happen.

  • The teacher may tell you off or send you out of the room
  • The teacher writes in your diary
  • The teacher may phone your parents/guardian
  • The teacher may write a letter to your parents/guardian
  • You may be ‘on-called’ from a lesson and you sit with another teacher
  • You may get a breaktime detention (10-15mins)
  • You may get a lunchtime detention (20-30mins)
  • You may get an after school detention (varies from 45mins – 2hours)
  • You may spend some time in our inclusion room
  • You may be given a 2 hour Saturday morning detention
  • You may get a fixed term exclusion from school