Archived News for March 2017

Co-op Local Community Fund
March 20, 2017
By Mrs J Wise, School Business Manager
We are very fortunate to have been selected to receive funding from the Co-op Local Community Fund.

This means that we will get a contribution towards the school to enhance our already wonderful provision and we are already doing really well.

However, we still need your help!

The more support we get, the more funding we could receive.

So if you're a Co-op Member, log in to your Co-op Membership account and choose us. If you're not a member, please join and support us!

The timeline is as follows ... so act now!

  • 9 April - Our fundraising period ends.
  • 13 April - We will find out how much funding we have raised together.
  • 19 April - The grand total raised for causes across the UK will be announced.
  • By 28 April - We will receive our funding via The Charities Aid Foundation.

Let's do this !