Archived News for July 2016

Sixth Form BBQ and Water Fight
July 20, 2016
By Victoria Sartori, Year 9 Student
The weather held out perfectly on Monday 18th July, with scorching heats and clear blue skies, making it an idea afternoon for the Sixth Forms BBQ and water fight.

Large numbers turned out in the heat to take part in some competitive frisbee matches, which were great fun despite the lack of knowledge of the rules. Mr Whitelock, Mr Hobbs and Mr Legarda kindly took charge of the BBQ’s, burning sausages to perfection. Then the evening ended in a water fight, cooling everyone from the heat of the day. Overall, the Sixth Form had a great evening and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Sixth Form Leaver’s Ball
July 13, 2016
By Briony Day, Assistant Head Student
On Friday 8th July, members of both Year 13 and Year 12 came together in a fabulous location to celebrate all of their successes during their time in Sixth Form and to bid a final goodbye to the Year 13 students.

Set in the beautiful grounds of Offley Place, the students were dressed to impressed and all came with the same aim which was to have a fantastic evening with all of their friends!

The photobooth and photographer were in use throughout the entire night and the fact that the dance floor was never empty suggests every single person, both staff and student, thoroughly enjoyed their evening!

Whilst the evening ended all too quickly, we are sure that the memories of this evening will last for a very long time in every student’s mind, helped of course by all the great photos taken by the photographer and in the photobooth!!
Sports Day
July 12, 2016
By Maddie Runagall, Year 12 Student
This year’s sports day was great fun, with everyone from all years really getting involved, be it in one of the events itself or on the side-lines supporting.

In the morning everyone rotated around a series of team events including rounders, tennis, handball and tug of war, as well as long jump and javelin. We saw some incredible sporting talent, but even those who weren’t ‘sporty’ gave it their best shot. In the afternoon came time for the races, including relay, 800m and the 100m race. In the end, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, but there could only be one winner… and this year it was MORE! Congratulations to everyone in More house, and well done to everyone who took part.
Sixth Form vs Teachers Rounders Match
July 11, 2016
By Maddie Runagall, Year 12 Student
Last Thursday, 30th June, the Sixth Form took on the teachers in a highly competitive rounders match.

Both teams played extremely well, working together to achieve a collective goal. There was plenty of exciting play with some impressive runs and spirited fielding. We had a high turn-out of both students and teachers of a range of abilities- but everyone gave it their best effort, and it turned out to be a very successful and enjoyable event. Unfortunately, the end result was a draw, so there will have to be a rematch soon!

National Students Art Exhibition 2016
July 07, 2016
By Eva Povey, Year 12 Student
On Tuesday 5th July, I was able to visit the Mall galleries, to see my painting displayed in the ‘National Student Art Exhibition’.

We had to send in a couple of our best paintings to be selected by the gallery for the exhibition and my portrait named ‘Hannah’ was chosen alongside two other students in the sixth form. My painting was done alongside the study of the artist Caravaggio and Chiaroscuro (the use of dramatic shadows).

At the opening of the event we looked at all of the artwork of students around the country from the ages 11-18. Also on the day, James Horton, the president of the Royal Society of British Arts, made a speech about the event. I found the event very inspiring and enjoyable. I also liked having the opportunity to present my work in such a professional environment.