Archived News for February 2016

French Pancake Day
February 26, 2016
By Miss N Richardson
As part of a topic on Mardi Gras and la Chandeleur (Pancake Day), Year 8 French students had the chance to top and sample some crêpes in their French lessons on Pancake Day, Tuesday 9th February 2016.

There were lots of toppings to choose from including jam, bananas, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, sugar and lemon. Some pupils chose to top their crêpes with some interesting and original combinations! All pupils seemed to really enjoy the experience, and we're looking forward to doing Pancake Day with next year's Year 8 already!
Sainsbury's Active Kids 2016
February 25, 2016
By Mrs N Seabrook, Head of Girls PE
Just to say we are collecting vouchers this year again, the extra little bits of equipment really do help us in the school. Should you have any vouchers at home (they are white this time with a voucher number printed on them) please give them to your child to bring in.

Thank you for your support and donations.

PE Faculty
Teach in Herts Teacher Recruitment Fair
February 11, 2016
By Chancellor's School
Where can you talk directly to schools about real jobs and discuss your teaching career with experts?

The Teach in Herts Teacher Recruitment Fair will be taking place on Saturday 19th March 2015 between 10.00am and 3.30pm, at Hertfordshire Development Centre at Robertson House, Six Hills Way, Stevenage SG1 2FQ.

This annual event is free to attend and representatives from 100s of Hertfordshire schools will be available to discuss current and future teaching opportunities. In addition, a series of informative and inspiring workshops will be running to support you, whether you are entering the profession, progressing your career or returning to teaching.

Workshops include:

  • Unmissable tips on applying for your first teaching job
  • Induction, support and training programmes for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in Herts
  • Your future, Their future (run by the National College for Teaching and Leadership)
  • Returning to teaching – what’s new in education?
  • Teaching in the UK for overseas qualified teachers
  • TA to teacher – progress your teaching career
  • Thinking of a new career path? Re-training as a teacher from another profession
  • Why teach in Hertfordshire?

In addition, individual advice surgeries will be running, providing personalised support and guidance on being a teacher and information will be available on living and settling in Hertfordshire.

The University of Hertfordshire and School Direct providers will also be attending and offering advice on routes into teaching.

If you are a current, past, new or overseas qualified teacher, interested in a teaching career or know of anyone that is, this is an essential event to attend.

Free on-site parking will be available and a free shuttle bus will be running from Stevenage train station.

For full details on the event and to pre-register your attendance, see

Pancake Day
February 10, 2016
By Claire Dean, Year 13 Student
On Shrove Tuesday the Sixth Form held a Pancake sale to celebrate the day.

It was a huge success with the lower school providing a continuous queue throughout lunch time. The high demand meant that nearly 300 pancakes were sold! It was safe to say the Nutella pancakes were hugely popular as we actually ran out of the spread, this didn’t deter the lower school, they continued to buy our pancakes. We hope all the students enjoyed the pancakes and that it will be just as successful next year.
Extended Learning Day 2
February 03, 2016
By Claire Dean, Year 13 Student
On Friday 22nd January the whole school experienced the second Extended Learning Day (ELD) and the entire day was devoted to careers and enterprise.

Year 7 had a work shadowing day, so were out of school gaining experience in the workplace. Many of the Year 7 students found this day useful as they were able to see the reality of the workplace, which they will enter after leaving school. Although they have a good few years until they enter the world of work themselves, they enjoyed observing new activities and saw the day as a valuable insight into their futures.

Year 8 had a variety of sessions within school. The local Potters Bar Fire Brigade came to visit and the students had a great experience. Alongside learning what the fire brigade do as part of their daily duties and the variety of tasks with which they are faced, the students learnt about fire safety and simple ways that fires can be prevented. One of the most exciting aspects of this session was the interactive section, where the students were able to learn about fire engines, the equipment they carry and how they are put into operation. Year 8 also took part in a session on verbal and non-verbal communication; students were taught both verbal and non-verbal cues in communication and the importance of both of these aspects. One student said ‘it was great to learn these skills as we can use them for the rest of our lives.’ Past students of Chancellor’s School also featured in another session to show the Year 8s the variety of things they can achieve once they leave school.

Year 9 participated in a career activity programme called ‘Real Game.’ The aim was to help students make the connection between school and their future working life. Year 9 took part in online activities all day, including the “Fast Tomato” programme, which helps provide students with guidance about their career and education choices. Student feedback showed “Fast Tomato” was very popular, as Year 9 are thinking about their option subjects this year. A teacher supporting the workshop said ‘the students were engaged throughout, they really enjoyed the activities. At the end, students were all able to go away with ideas of options and careers they might like, which they hadn’t thought of at the start.’

Year 10 took part in the Cragrats Dragons Den session. This was a fast-paced day, inspired by the popular television series Dragons Den. This engaging and accessible format introduces students at all levels to new techniques, experiences and ways of working whilst they design, develop, test and pitch their own business ideas to a panel of judges.One teacher stated ‘I really enjoyed this ELD and it was great to see the pupils working so well. A highlight was when the team with George Christoforou got into the semi-final with their Qhop presentation. George had some lines to say, which he delivered with confidence. I felt really proud of him, it’s a scary thing to do! You could see how competitive all the students were getting; they all really wanted to win.’

Year 11 and Year 12 had a variety of workshops designed to help them think about the future. In the morning, a number of visitors from a range of professions visited the school to explain to the students their jobs, how they got to their current position and why they went into their chosen career in the first place. We had a lawyer, a pilot, an army officer, a sports management adviser, a psychologist and an apprenticeship supervisor, to name just a few of our visitors. Students were able to pick three workshops that appealed to them and to listen to our guest speakers. Year 11 then went on to a CV workshop to help them produce an effective CV containing all relevant information. Many found this useful as they are thinking of applying for part-time jobs in the future and believe this gave them a head-start in being prepared. Later, there were interview skills workshops, where the students were able to learn key “dos and don’ts” for interviews, to aid them when applying for jobs or further education. Year 12 had a talk from the Tesco’s School Society which showed them the many job opportunities on offer from one of the largest global retailers. Many said their eyes were opened towards the company, no longer seeing it as simply a supermarket. The last session was specifically for Year 12, who will have to make some big decisions about their futures soon. They had the opportunity to visit three talks on university courses, apprenticeships and gap years. This showed the Year 12s the opportunities they will have in the near future and provided them with relevant information so they can begin to think about their next step after Sixth Form. One student said ‘The ELD day was useful as it made me think about my career, gave me insight into different types of jobs, and made me more aware of the different options I could take. It was an amazing experience.’

The ELD was a great success; our students enjoyed their extra-curricular learning with a focus on the future and the workplace environment. As a school we strive to prepare our students not only for their education, but also for their adult lives.