Archived News for October 2015

Sixth Form Halloween Party
October 29, 2015
By Claire Dean, Year 13 Student
On Saturday 24th October, the Sixth Form held their Halloween party.

Many students got into the spirit and contributed to decorating the hall with carved pumpkins and Halloween themed decorations. The night was thoroughly enjoyed by all students who attended and many danced to Halloween songs including Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and ‘The Monster Mash’.

There was also a competition for the best Halloween costume with numerous entries ranging from a seven foot tall inflatable dinosaur costume to a blood-splattered police women. However, the prize for best dressed was awarded to Jake Salmon who made a remarkable effort dressed as the Joker with green hair and face paint.
Halloween Cake Sale
October 26, 2015
By Katharine Chadwell, Year 13 Student
On Friday 23rd October the Sixth Form held a Halloween themed cake sale.

Sixth formers contributed to the sale with homemade cakes, which were topped with Halloween decorations. There was a great turn out, with all the cakes being sold by the end of Lunch. A special thanks to Mr Hobbs for kindly buying a whole cake!

There was also a competition for the best Halloween cake – the entries are in the photo above. All the cakes entered were brilliantly decorated. In the end the winner was Clara and Stephen’s orange flavoured Pumpkin cake. They were awarded a £10 gift voucher.

We hope the cake sale got everyone in the mood for Halloween next Saturday!
Halloween Movie Night
October 23, 2015
By Kuran Phull, Year 13 Student
On the 20th October the Sixth Form held a Halloween movie night where everyone voted on one of three horror movies.

The choices were The Ring, Sinister and The Descent – with the winning film being the ring. The common room was transformed into a casual cinema with the film projected onto the wall and the seats arranged in rows. The Sixth Form then screamed and jumped as they watched the movie. Halfway through the movie Mr Whitelock successfully scared everyone by flashing a torch outside the common room windows. Overall, the night was a frightening but enjoyable event that got the Sixth Form in the mood for the upcoming Halloween party.
Pink Day
October 21, 2015
By Claire Dean, Year 13 Student
On the 20th of October the Sixth Form supported Stand Up to Cancer by wearing pink.

They incorporated as many items of pink into their Sixth form wear to show their support. Many of the lower school were intrigued as to their colour choice and asked many questions which allowed the Sixth Formers to explain and raise awareness for this great cause. There was also a Most Pink competition which was won by four students, Will Metselaar, Charlotte Day, Clara Murphy and Dimchi Ndukwe. Well done!

Stand Up to Cancer is a charity that raises money for cancer research, they have made such progress in the last few years, and a cure is believed to be within reach, which is why the research needs all the support it can gain. Stand Up to Cancer’s aim is to have three quarters of people surviving cancer in the next 20 years.

We have now raised out aim of £200 for this great cause so thank you to everyone who got involved.
Religious Studies Trip to London
October 19, 2015
By Talia Cherkez and Courtney Rockliffe, Year 11 Students
On 9th October, we had the privilege of going to The Clink Museum and The Imperial War Museum as part of our RS GCSE course.

We are currently studying Crime and Punishment, and we studied War and Peace in Year 10.

The Clink Prison Museum is the oldest prison in England and it was built on the original site in 1144.

The museum definitely changed our perspective on the way in which people are punished today compared to how they were punished many years ago. It made us think how easy most criminals have it nowadays compared to how men and women were grotesquely treated in the past. The conditions were severe as well as claustrophobic. Seeing the equipment that was used to torture people was very eerie. We gained a lot of factual knowledge and had a great experience in the dungeon like cells.

The Imperial War Museum in the afternoon was very moving, especially the floor dedicated to The Holocaust. It was fascinating to read diaries and listen to the stories of people who made it through the Holocaust and it was very touching to actually see photos of people who were not so lucky and perished in the concentration camps.

Overall we had a great day out, both museums have definitely assisted us with our learning. The day was a very educational and fun experience, we enjoyed being with our friends and it was a great opportunity for us to learn in a different way than just being in the classroom. It has given us a final push to encourage us to do well in our exams next summer.
Languages Spelling Bee
October 19, 2015
By Miss S Zeal, Head of MFL
The first of the Modern Foreign Languages Faculty’s House Competitions took place on Monday 19th October in the form of a Spelling Bee.

With the help of our Sixth Form linguists, Year 8 students heard a selection of words in French and German and were asked to write down how they thought the word should be spelt. It was a collective effort across the form and the results were exceptionally close! In joint 3rd position were 8S and 8W. Just one point ahead in 2nd place were 8M and the overall winners, only beating 8M by one point were 8B! Congratulations 8B, you have earned yourselves lots of reward points for Becket!
Biology Bake-Off Competition
October 14, 2015
By Mrs N Bromwich, Teacher of Science

This half term the Biology department ran a ‘Biology Bake-off’ competition to celebrate National Biology Week.

Students were encouraged to create edible treats that represented a part of the body, and to provide a brief summary of how their design showed how this part of the body worked. There were many entries across Years 7, 8 and 9 and two entries from Year 10. The cakes that were entered into the competition were of such a high standard that every participant received an R3. However there needed to be a winner, so Mrs Burke, Mr Taylor and Mrs Bromwich were given the extremely hard task of judging the cakes.

After much discussion (mainly Mrs Burke trying to argue that they should all win) first, second and third places were decided. Third prize went to Fern Kemp in Year 8 with her ‘Workings of a Human Kidney’ cake, which was a cake in the shape of a kidney accurately labelled with all the structures.

KS3 Third prize – by Fern Kemp Year 8

Second place went to Freddy Hotter in Year 8 for his extremely detailed cake model of the heart and the extensive extra research that went with it.

KS3 Second Prize – Freddy Hotter Year 8

Finally, first place went to James Smith in Year 7 with his interesting cake modelling the tongue, which made clear how the different parts of the tongue are used to taste.

KS3 First Prize – James Smith Year 7

Of our Key Stage 4 entries the winner was Emily Smith in Year 10, with her model of the skull that beautifully highlighted the different structures and their functions.

KS4 winner – Emily Smith Year 10

The runner ups were Lucy and Jonathon Prigmore with their model of the internal structure of the eye.

KS4 Runner up – Lucy and Jonathan Prigmore

All the cakes were then cut into slices and sold at lunchtime in order to raise money to buy the winners a fabulous prize! James and Emily will be rewarded with their prizes later on this term. All the entries were then entered into the National Bio-Bake competition. The public were able to vote on shortlisted entries on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th October. At the time of writing I am unsure if any on our entries made it to the shortlist, but if they did they will be receiving further reward points and a ‘#Biobakes’ wooden spoon from the Physiological Society. The winners of this public vote will receive a copy of Richard Burr’s book (Great British Bake Off 2014 finalist), brain and heart cookie cutters, a ‘My neurons love cake’ notebook, and one year’s subscription to Food Heaven, Britain’s number one baking magazine series. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we have a Chancellor’s School winner!

The PiXL Choir
October 14, 2015
By Katherine Chadwell & Lorna Proudlove, Year 12 Students
On 23rd September we were fortunate enough to perform as part of the PiXL Choir at the Westminster Central Hall.

The PiXL Choir is made up of students that attend the schools which are part of the PiXL (Partners in Excellence) Group. It hosts an annual award ceremony to celebrate the achievement of students that have done exceptionally well, or who have overcome difficulties, when taking their GCSEs. At the award ceremonies, as well as prizes being handed out, there were amazing performing arts performances including by the PiXL Choir, and an inspirational speech by Levi Roots.

We had to attend three Saturday rehearsals at the Lilian Baylis Technology School in Vauxhall where we were taught three songs in preparation for the performances at the PiXL Award Ceremony. We performed ‘Rhythm Nation’ by Janet Jackson, ‘Go Ahead and Try’ by IGospel, and ‘September Revised,’ rewritten specially for the PiXL Choir, a song which celebrated the hard work and dedication of the students receiving awards. The rehearsals were run by Basil Meade and his fantastic team, who are all members of the London Community Gospel Choir. They helped us to improve our singing techniques and to give the performance soul, as well as running Zumba sessions at the beginning of every rehearsal, which were enjoyed by almost everyone. They also introduced us to one of the two groups from the London Community Gospel Choir, called BEKLN, who are on the X-factor this year and who also helped us prepare for our performances.

The final rehearsal was at Westminster Central Hall in the morning before our two performances at the venue. We had a fantastic day and have made new friends as a result of the experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are so glad we had the opportunity to take part!
Sixth Form Dodgeball Tournament
October 12, 2015
By Anna Church, Year 13 Student
On the 7th October, the Sixth Form held a dodgeball tournament after school for the Upper and Lower Sixth form in aid of Unseen UK.

11 teams of 6 players took part in the competition, each with their own team name and team colours. The event was enjoyed by everyone who took part, including Mr Hobbs who participated in two of the matches. The Purple Cobras were victorious after winning all of their matches.

The Sixth Form would like to thank everyone who helped run the event or came to play. We hope to run more events like this throughout the year.
Year 7 Welcome Party
October 08, 2015
By Kieran Bett, Year 13 Student
On Friday 2nd of October, the Sixth Form hosted a welcome party for the new Year 7 students.

This was a fantastic event, with great music, as well as snacks and drinks being sold to the students by a number of sixth form volunteers.

There were a couple of technical issues regarding the music and lighting, but despite this we managed to get the problems sorted out, and the year 7s had a great time, socialising and dancing to great party songs such as the YMCA, and the Macarena, which were led by a number of sixth formers on stage.

Overall the event was a huge success and we would like to thank all sixth formers and teachers who took the time to help make this event happen.
History Trip to Berlin
October 08, 2015
By Amber Heppell-Ranzetta, Year 11 Student
Early starts have never been a teenager’s forte, so it was a delight that we didn’t have to embark on our journey to Luton Airport until a sensible hour,10.00am. Our Year 10 History trip to Berlin had commenced!

The coach trip from the airport to our hotel was made more interesting by spotting the sights of Berlin; the Berlin Wall, Alexanderplatz and some of Berlin’s unusually modern and low-rise architecture, which I did not anticipate. However, considering almost 80% of the city was destroyed by bombing during World War Two, it’s not really surprising that so much had to be rebuilt. It is, without doubt, unlike any other city I’ve visited.

On arrival at the hotel, we were surprised to discover that it seemed to be on the third floor of what looked like a block of flats. We were regretting our over-packed suitcases! However, after some wholesome food and quick showers, we headed to Alexanderplatz, by tram, to the iconic Fernsehturm, Berlin’s famous TV Tower. From 207 metres up we enjoyed the most amazing 360 degree views of the city. What an introduction!

After an early start on Wednesday, we had a jam-packed walking tour of the city from the Berliner Dom cathedral to the Brandenburg Gate, then on to the Reichstag building, which is the German parliament. The architecture was stunning. Here we drew names for a ‘Secret Stalin,’ to be conducted along the lines of Secret Santa, then we duly set about finding the perfect tourist gifts for 5 Euros.

On Thursday, we travelled to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, located to the north of Berlin. It may sound odd, but for many of us, this was the highlight of the whole trip. It was so moving and humbling to visit such a place, leaving a number of us speechless and emotional. Our guide was so engaging and spoke about the camp with such knowledge and sincerity, he had us simply transfixed.

Our afternoon was filled with a trip to the Allied Museum to learn more about some key events of the Cold War, followed by some shopping time in Hackescher Markt. Later that same day, after a classy Italian dinner, we headed down to the river Spree for our last night of fun: a disco on a boat! We had a unique evening waving, dancing and singing, whilst the locals observed our craziness.

All packed and ready to depart on Friday, we had our last taste of culture as we went for an underground tour of the nuclear bunkers of Cold War Berlin, which to our surprise finished inside the train stations. The bunkers were never actually used, but it really showed how serious the war could have been.

We headed back to the airport to catch our flight, followed by an on-time arrival at Luton, armed with several giant Toblerones that we had bought for ‘relatives’ on the way. Exhausted, we just had the energy to exchange our ‘Secret Stalin’ gifts and were greeted by our parents, ready to bombard them with our stories (and countless selfies).

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Berlin and I put our incredible time down to the teachers who accompanied us. On behalf of the students, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Mr Reid, Ms Reilly, Ms Zeal and Mr Sylvester for putting up with us!
Music Trip 2015
October 08, 2015
By Vato Klemera & Cristina Hemmett, Year 11 Students
In July students from all year groups departed on a cold and rainy day for the music trip to Sorrento, Italy. This trip gave me some of the best experiences I’ve ever had during my time at Chancellor’s School.

We flew into Naples airport late in the evening and it was a balmy 38 degrees! We soon arrived in Sorrento and quickly settled down in our hotel. My roommate and I could barely stop grinning as we knew the week ahead of us would be simply awesome.

For the next five days we visited beautiful towns and areas around Sorrento, including a very moving (and very hot!) visit to the archaeological remains at Pompeii. We ate wonderful Italian food and our trip included a visit to a stunning farm, where we learnt how to make mozzarella and our own pizzas.

Each morning after breakfast Mr Clarke ran a rehearsal to practise the pieces for the concert that day. Before we knew it, we were performing to real life audiences! Our first performance was outside the Duomo in Sorrento. Despite there being a few nerves (this being the first concert) it was very successful; the audience seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. The last two performances were in the stunning cathedrals at Amalfi and Ravello. The pieces were transformed by the wonderful acoustics and the choir sounded amazing, even if I say so myself.

Being part of the choir was a magical experience. It didn’t matter what year you were from; all of the individuals worked together to make one sound. On top of this we were with friends and school had ended! What was there not to love?

Vato Klemera 11W

On the 12th July about 40 students and I went on a joint Italian and Music trip. We went to Sorrento, Italy and it was definitely the best trip I have ever been on!

The journey was enjoyable and not too long as I sat next to my friends on the plane. We arrived at the hotel at around 23:45 and went straight to bed ready for an early start in the morning.

The next day we ate an Italian style breakfast; they had a buffet of many things including croissants, fruit salad and cereal. Then we got our bags together to visit Pompeii. A tour guide led us through the captivating ruins and taught us about the cultural history of the area. Despite the heat it was a very enjoyable experience. The best part was the ice cream tasting experience at the end of it!

Tuesday was another fantastic day. In the morning we headed to Amalfi Cathedral and set up for the concert. The choir sang beautifully and by the end of the concert there were so many people who came in to listen! Tired but upbeat after the concert, we went to explore a small town called Ravello in the afternoon. The Italian students practised their Italian by taking part in a treasure hunt and everyone there was so friendly and helpful.

Wednesday and Thursday were so much fun! We got involved in many great activities, including pizza making, going to the beach and to a waterpark. After speeding down twisty slides my friends and I relaxed in a pool which had a wave machine! On the last day, which in my opinion was the best of all, we travelled to Rome and visited the Colosseum. Despite the long journey, the stunning views and the pizza we ate for lunch definitely made it worthwhile!

Later, sad to leave behind the warm weather and the beautiful places we had seen, we made our way to the airport. Arriving at Chancellor’s at about 1 am, we were happy to see our families again and couldn’t wait to have a nice, long sleep. Overall the trip was absolutely amazing and I am so glad I went on it!

Cristina Hemmett 11B

Lower School Concert
October 07, 2015
By Miss H Riley, Teacher of Music
The Lower School Concert will be an opportunity to hear the whole of Year 7 perform together, who will be singing a selection of songs learnt in class over the first half of this term. Many members of Years 7, 8 and 9 will also be performing in various other items including solo performances and the school orchestra.

The concert will take place on Thursday 15th October at 7pm and will not last more than an hour. Your child will need to arrive at H block to register, dressed in smart school uniform, at 6.15pm in order for warm ups and any last minute logistical issues!

You are very welcome to join us for the event; In order to save paper and printing costs, and in the interests of the environment, printed tickets will not be issued. Instead, should you wish to pay in advance, please do so via world pay, which is accessible through the school website. A spreadsheet of names will be held at the door, and ticked off accordingly. Pupils can check in the music office if 'tickets' have been allocated. The same “virtual tickets” can also be purchased on the door. Admission will be by ticket only, priced £5 for adults and £1 for concessions.

I do hope you will be able to support and join us for this event.

Should you have any further queries, please do contact me.

Yours sincerely

Miss H Riley
Willows Run
October 06, 2015
By Claire Dean, Year 13 Student
Last Sunday the Sixth form supported the Willow Foundation by running the 10k and 5k at Hatfield House.

Willows is a local charity that Chancellor’s has supported for years, which give special days for seriously ill young adults. We would like to thank all the runners and supporters who came on the sunny Sunday morning. The run was a big success with our 30 runners all completing the runs with huge smiles. Chancellor’s was even mentioned as one of the charities main supporters, we were glad we didn’t disappoint. We have had several donations already and surpassed our target of £300! Thank you to everyone who has donated, we would greatly appreciate if anyone else would like to sponsor our Sixth form team at…

Thank you
Chancellor's Students at Canoe Slalom World Championships
October 01, 2015
By Mrs M Hearn
Several of our students were part of the opening ceremony for the Canoe Slalom World Championships on the 16th September at Lee Valley White Water Centre as flag bearers.

These included Louis McDermott in Year 10, Daniel Hearn, Eren Yalkin, Maia Harrison and Katie McDermott in Year 9 and William Thomas and Ella Cockayne in Year 8 who are all part of the Talent Identification squads for canoe slalom. This was a real honour for the students as they got to meet some of the top athletes in their sport from around the world.