Archived News for February 2014

Man vs Food for charity
February 28, 2014
By Bradley Cox, 6th Form Student
On Tuesday 25th February the sixth form held Man vs Food in the hall at lunchtime. In total we managed to raise £61 for Cancer Trust, Elliot Decaro's chosen charity.

The event was great fun and was extremely well supported from the lower school and sixth form.

The scores from the event are as follows:

Rank Name Round 1 - Bananas Round 2 - Crackers Round 3 - Marshmallows (Chubby Bunnies) Total Score
1st Mr Whitelock 7 11 22½
2nd Sujan Raguras 4 11 18½
3rd Mr Hobbs 2 3 12 17
4th Elliot Decaro 3 3 10 16
5th Marcus Bentley 3 4 8 15
6th Saajan Dodhia 3 8 12½
7th Laurie Debnam 2 8 11½
8th Mone Simms 1 1 7 9
8th Miss Stefanou 2 3 4 9
9th Ben Oliver 1 4

Dubious Quotes from the day:

"It's the taking part that counts" - Ben Oliver

"Extremely fulfilling (pardon the pun) and not something I wish to repeat in a while" - Mr Whitelock

"Move over Adam Richman" - Mr Whitelock

"Part with your cash, I always make myself look stupid" - Miss Stefanou

"I need some blue cheese for these crackers" - Mr Hobbs

"I'll stick with the waxing next time." -Marcus Bentley

"Nothing to be proud of" - Mr Whitelock

"I like bananas" - Mone Simms

"A wee man can eat a lot of food" - Saaj Dodhia

"I just came for the free food" - Sujan Raguras

"It's nice to know people will throw up to raise money for charity" - Elliot Decaro

"Bulking." -Saaj Dodhia

Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers
February 13, 2014
By Mrs L. Moore, Deputy Head of PE
It is that time of year again where we are collecting the Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers. Please send in any of these vouchers as they allow us to purchase new sports equipment.

Last year we were able to buy 15 new tennis rackets, 10 new badminton rackets and athletic measuring tapes.

It would be fantastic if we could exceed last years total and purchase even more sporting equipment.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Chancellor's "Let's gym and dance for sport relief 2014"
February 06, 2014
By Mrs L. Moore, Deputy Head of PE
Chancellor's "Let's gym and dance for sport relief 2014" on Wednesday 12th February and Thursday 13th February is open to everyone to come and watch with all money raised going towards our Sport Relief 2014 donation.

Tickets are £2 for adults and £1 for children. There is limited seating due to the nature of the event so please purchase tickets before the display. Letters can be obtained from Girls PE.

The evening will run from 17:30-18:30, with a variety of gymnastic and dance pieces from across the year groups.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible on the evening.