Archived News for December 2014

GCSE Students participate in Schools Radio Network
December 18, 2014
By Miss L Seymour, Teacher of English
On Wednesday 3rd December, students from GCSE English, Media Studies and Music came together to create a live recording session with Martin Steer from The School’s Radio Network.

The Year 10 students prepared their own material in small groups during the morning session. Some students played live music, whilst others discussed various topics which were relevant to school life. There was even a sports focus with the ‘Eat my Sports’ section, which focuses on recent school sports events. The Year 11 Media Studies students oversaw the technical management of the recording and our resident ‘Editor-in-Chief’, Sean Wright, coordinated the entire running order of the show.

The students worked fantastically and all of them gained the experience that only radio can give. They were highly talented and diligent throughout the whole morning and Martin Steer could not praise them highly enough.

The recording will be broadcast nationally at on Christmas Eve from 6pm, Christmas Day from 4pm and on Boxing Day from 10am. There is also the capacity to listen again if you miss it!
Sixth Form 5K Santa Run
December 18, 2014
By Emily Heath, Year 13 Student
On Sunday 7th December, a group of 20 Sixth formers took part in a Santa 5K fun run, to raise money for the Potters Bar and District Scouts.

This was the first time Chancellors participated in this event, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, as they embraced the festivities by putting on their Santa attire, ready to run the streets of Potters Bar.

Despite the uninspiring weather, the event was a great success with Chancellors gaining 1st and 4th place, by Stephen Jones and Nick Pedraza respectively, with impressive times of 21:30 and 25:00.

In addition it raised an amazing amount of money towards an extremely worthwhile cause, as all proceeds have gone towards funding 3 scouts from our local area taking part in the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan, some of whom are Chancellors Students.

Mr Whitelock and the Sixth Form team would like to express their gratitude to all those that took part, spectated and helped the day run smoothly. It was a great success, and we look forward to participating again next year.

Chancellors School Joins the Hour of Code
December 15, 2014
By Mrs R Rose-Green, Subject Leader Computing & ICT
The Prime Minister hosted a special digital event at Downing Street on Monday morning, the 8th of December, to mark the start of the Hour of Code campaign. The first Hour of Code in the UK had over 3 million participants, with overwhelming feedback from students, teachers, and parents.

The 'Hour of Code' is a nationwide initiative by to introduce computer programming to 10 million students and encourage them to learn programming.

This week, Chancellors School Year 9 students have joined this event. So far this week, we are one of five schools in London taking part. The Computing Department wanted students to have an opportunity to experience how creative and engaging coding and computational skills can be. As well as the programming built into the last Unit of Work in Year 9, this experience will also help students in making a more informed decision about the option they choose to take for GCSE in this subject.

Last week students tried out some coding tasks and puzzles to familiarise ourselves with the interface for programming at They worked in small groups and helped each other to master some of the basic skills of coding. This week they participated live, worked independently and their results were tracked. The students were engaged, excited and most completed all 20 level of the set tasks.

What Year 9 Say
Douglas Badger 9WIlearnt new commands to make the program more efficient like `move by x°’. I saw how simple but effective coding can beand how you can create something quite complex with the simplest of commands.The task where you had to calculate angles was quite challenging. I may takeComputer Science at GCSE as I would progress further in my mental and generalmaths ability.
Lois Forey 9STheparallelogram code was very difficult to code. I do like I, I find it hard butinteresting at the same time so yes I would consider Computer Science.
Alex Errington 9WItchallenges you as you have to really think about the decisions you make. Iwouldn’t consider Computer Science as I find it too complicated.
Lucy Millbery 9AIhad to think ahead about the strategies I would use, if I went wrong I could goback through my code to check where and fix it. I would consider ComputerScience, I think it’s more in depth than ICT.
Henry Young 9SIttests your brain to the limits, but I still would consider Computer Sciencebecause it’s fun!
Patrycja Koziara 9BIfound it very interesting and fascinating the way the code worked to make thecharacters move in `Coding with Anna and Elsa’. The most challenging wasworking out degree angles between objects to make the program work. I wouldconsider Computer Science as I understand the tasks quite well.
Matthew O’Reilly 9S
Iwas able to create a number of patterns using commands. I learned to use therepeat commands and change option on commands like degrees for angles. It waschallenging to create more complicated patterns but I enjoyed it. Would Iconsider Computer Science? Yup.
Sophia Neocleous 9W
Ilearnt how to put different blocks together to make the paths I needed for myprogram using step-by-step instructions. I was excited when I managed tocomplete all the levels. It was hard to find the right command to usesometimes. I enjoyed it but I’m not yet 100% sure I would choose ComputerScience.
Alistair Badger 9HIfound it interesting that you had the ability to tell a computer what to dousing commands. My challenges were with calculating the amount of degree levelsto turn to control the character. I would consider Computer Science.
Shaika Mogendram 9MUsingcommands and finding different and easier ways to achieve a task interested me.My future career wouldn’t be associated with Computer Science but I might learndifferent skills that could be useful.

Be inspired and see for yourself how exciting coding can be. Visit and learn something new today that will change your life in the future.
Sixth Form Cake Sale
December 02, 2014
By Alexander Pimm, Year 13 Student
On the Thursday the 27th of November a cake sale was hosted to fundraise for the Sixth Form.

Many Sixth Formers participated by bringing in cakes to be sold and supported in the selling. As ever this was a great success and the Sixth Form would like to thank everyone that brought in cakes for the sale and everyone who showed their support by buying a cake or two.
Sixth Form Criminology Conference
December 01, 2014
By Charlotte and Karen, Year 12 Students
On Thursday 27th November, 30 students from Chancellors sixth form went to London's Emmanuel Centre for a criminology conference.

We started of the morning with a talk from Professor David Wilson giving us an introduction to criminology. Then Professor Graham Pike spoke about who commits crime and the myths about how crime is actually solved compared to what people believe, for example DNA fingerprinting cannot actually find the exact person who committed a crime.

The day was filled with various other talks including one from Lyndsey Harris who gave a very useful talk about writing UCAS applications. The day was finished by a talk from Noel 'Razor' Smith who has 58 convictions and has spent over half of his life in prison. Noel spoke about his background/childhood life and what influenced him to commit these crimes.

Overall, the day was a very good experience and it was very interesting to see what causes people to commit crimes and delve into their minds. For anybody who wants a future job in criminology, or has an interest in crime, this trip is definitely recommended and is a brilliant day out.