Archived News for November 2014

Set Painting
November 24, 2014
By The Set Painting Team
On Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th of November, the Gifted and Talented Art students were invited to paint the set for the school Christmas production, Sleeping Beauty.

The designs for the main backdrop and the side sections were made by Mr Galton, Mrs Stubbs and Mr Price. They all are designs which show the main events in the play and based on the story of Sleeping Beauty. They are very whimsical designs which show and portray the overall production very well.

Everyone involved got set to do a different part to work on in different groups. There were different people working on each part over the course of two days so everyone had a different thing to do. As I was chosen to do the last group of painting, it meant that everything had to be done and finished by the end of the day. I think that was good as it meant that we could now see how it all fitted together in one piece. At the end we were all working our hardest to get it all done and make sure all the details were added by the deadline, but because of all our efforts, the set was finished in time.

It was great working on the set as I had never worked on such a big canvas and it allowed me to get some experience for future events. Watching how it came alive through all our hard work was really inspiring and showed how well we worked together. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed meeting people from the different year groups and combining our talents in one piece of work.

Maliha Zaman 8H

Painting the set was a wonderful experience and I’m sure everyone else enjoyed it as well. As it was my first time doing it, I was very excited and did not know what to expect. There was a great atmosphere and we all had a lot of fun.

I painted part of the spinning wheel scene and I found it quite difficult. All of the other scenes looked complicated as well. It’s amazing to see the difference from the beginning when it was blank, and the completed set, where there is not one spot of white.

All of the people who took part did a great job, and I hope the play is as good as the set. It looks incredible and I feel proud of the job we’ve done.

Luke Copsey 7B

Other Gifted and Talented students that joined me throughout the 2 days are listed below and they were supported by the Arts Faculty’s Lead Learning Consultant, Vicky Absolon. I would like to congratulate all of them on the amazing job that they did, working together on such a large and complicated design. Well Done.

Mr M Galton

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10
Ruby Sargeant (7A)Jackie Oketch (8A)Georgia Lee (9A)Delia Walsh (10B)
Luke Copsey (7B)Amy Tang (8B)Lucy Millberry (9A)Tommy Molnar (10B)
Chloe Leonides (7B)Jenny Turner (8B)Patrycja Koziara (9B)Sila Olcay (10H)
Sophie Lucas (7B)Hannah-Mae Johnson (8B)Thomas Cocks (9B)

Melanie Georgiou (10M)

Aisla Johnson (7H) Angelina Neocleous (8H) Fabio DeLuca (9H) Anastasia Liepina (10W)
Ella Cockayne (7H) Amelie Johnson (8H) Kinal Mistry (9M)
Millie Pratten (7H) Demi Demetri (8H) Christy Runagall (9M)
Max Lee (7M) Maliha Zaman (8H) Emily Smith (9W)
Liva Strale (7M) Adam Nicolaou (8M) Lucy McCartney (9W)
Harry Saward (7S) Amy Mason (8M) Molly Dyer (9W)
Katie Coan (7W) Joseph Mari (8S)
Chloe Hambridge (7W) Joshua Alldis (8S)
Zainab Syed (7W) Elise Ford (8S)

Children in Need 2014
November 18, 2014
By Xavier Guerra, Year 13 Student
It’s back – and with even more costumes, cakes and sponges!

Friday 14th November was BBC Children in Need day and all the school came together to raise money. The 6th Form hosted the day’s events, dressing up in a variety of fancy costumes; from Nuns to Ninja Turtles, from Soldiers to Sports personalities, from movie stars to mythical creatures. A number of the 6th Form turned out dressed as the infamous “Wear’s Walley” for a competition for the lower school students. At break, the 6th Form also hosted a cake sale which was very well received by staff and students, looking for a nice mid-morning treat, with all the money going of course to Children in Need.

Lunchtime featured a special “Sponge the Teachers” event where Mr Hobbs, Mr Whitelock and Dylan Taylor volunteered to have lower school students throw soaked sponges at the teachers for a small donation to Children in Need. Many people took part in throwing, and the event made fantastic entertainment during lunch break, especially for those who wanted vengeance on Dylan! We hope they felt better after a good wash!

Thanks go to all the 6th Form for contributing in time and money to put on these events, and for all the staff and students who donated. As a school, we raised £579 for BBC Children in Need.
Sixth Form Halloween Movie Night
November 04, 2014
By Alexander Pimm, Year 13 Student
On Tuesday the 21st of October, the Sixth Form hosted a Halloween movie night. Those who were brave enough to come chose between three films, before huddling together in the common room in anticipation of the terror to come.

The Sixth Formers settled on the film “The Conjuring”, a terrifying tale based on true events. Filled with jump scares and foolishly brave characters, many students were reduced to nervous wrecks long before the end.

Scared out of their wits, the Sixth Formers gladly switched on the lights at the end of the night. We would like to thank everyone who came to support the event and raised money for the Sixth Form.
Cake Sale
November 04, 2014
By Alexander Pimm, Year 13 Student
On Thursday the 16th of October, the Sixth Form hosted a cake sale in support of “Stand up to Cancer”, a charity that fundraises to develop new technologies in fighting cancer.

Many of the Sixth Formers brought in cakes to be sold, and the event was as ever a huge success. A fantastic amount of money was raised for this charity, and the event was enjoyed by all.

As well as the cake sale, a baking competition was held between the Sixth Form and the teachers. A fantastic display was put on and admired by all, as Miss Rowe judged the cakes on both looks and taste. In the end, Samantha Over won the competition, Carla Husband placed second and Joe Spinoza came in third place.

The sixth form would like to thank everyone that brought in cakes for the competition and the sale, and everyone that showed their support for “Stand up to Cancer” by buying a cake.