Archived News for June 2013

Library News
June 27, 2013
By Mrs Desira and Mrs Mayer-Khan, Librarians
Congratulations to murder mystery prize draw winner Stephanie Nicolas (7H) and a big thank you to Miss Loader for being our murder victim and for drawing the winner out of a hat.

The Carnegie book shadowing group was fantastic this year – all students read at least 6 out of the 8 shortlisted books; they discussed and shared their reading experience over 10 weeks.

Although the shadowing group didn’t endorse the judges choice “Maggot Moon” by Sally Gardner, who won the prestigious award 2013, all of them agreed that they enjoyed reading the shortlisted books.

In unison Chancellor’s School book club voted for “Wonder” by R.J Palacio as their favourite Carnegie book 2013; their comments below:

“Our favourite book was “Wonder” by R. J. Palacio; we felt it was an uplifting story and very well written. We think that “Wonder” should have won instead of “Maggot Moon”. - Charlotte Day 10S, Trisha Goel 10W, Jennifer Boyd 10W and Louise Wheaton 10S

“Although some of the books were not to our liking, it was interesting to see which books other students liked. In our view all 8 books were quite interesting and easy to read. We especially liked discussing the books with other students and hearing their opinions.” - Lauren Marmoy 9W and Georgina Mara 9A

“We loved doing the Carnegie challenge because we read a broader range of books.” - Julia Everett and Jessica Boyd 9A

All the Carnegie shortlisted books are now available to borrow from the library!

Happy Reading!

PGL 2013 - Osmington Bay, Dorset
June 26, 2013
By Mrs G Martin, Head of Year 7
146 Year 7 students and 16 members of staff returned safely from a fantastic team building weekend at the PGL site in Osmington Bay in Dorset.

The students were impeccably well behaved and a credit to both their parents and Chancellor's School.

The weather stayed dry for us, but it was very windy! Some of our eagerly anticipated activities sadly had to be cancelled, but the PGL staff worked hard to provide us with safer alternative activities which were excellent.

Although the weekend was exhausting, we have all returned with lots of very happy memories and wind burned faces!

I am looking forward to PGL 2014!
District Rounder’s Tournament Success!
June 21, 2013
By Mrs L Moore - PE Teacher
Year 9 and Year 10 Rounder’s teams competed in the Mid Herts District Rounder’s tournament on Thursday 6th June 2013 held at Monks Walk School.

Both teams played fantastically well which was reflected in the overall results. Year 9 came runner’s up in their tournament, narrowly missing out on first by one point. Well done girls, a brilliant achievement. Year 9 team was made up by Kate Moody, Charlotte Christoforou, Emily Willcocks, Steph Mabbutt, Neha Santhosh, Charlotte Poulton, Rioko Moscardini, Grace Rowe and Chloe Webb.

Year 10 put on an outstanding performance to win the tournament! They won five of their six games and drew in one, making them overall winners. This is in addition to their continuing success in the district league where they are currently unbeaten!

Scores were:

Win 3-2 v Monks Walk School
Draw 4.5-4.5 v Mount Grace
Win 4-1 v Bishops
Win 4.5-2.5 v Onslow
Win 6-2 v SFO
Win 5-2.5 v Yavneh.

Year 10 team was made up by Mollie Whitley, Katie Smith,Saffy Lamrhari, Claire Dean, Annie Thorn, Sam Over, Justine Arif, Amber Wood, Grace Gear, Jess Waterhouse.

Well done girls.
International Chemistry Olympiad Success
June 21, 2013
By Mrs M Hearn - Head of Chemistry
Robert Clarke and Alexander Tetlow both competed in the first round of the International Chemistry Olympiad earlier this year and I am pleased to announce that Alex achieved a silver certificate coming high up in the top 35% nationally of all those that entered.

Robert was awarded a gold certificate as he came in the top 7%; he actually came in the top 4% which means he beat over 4,400 students of the 4,574 that entered.

This is the first year that Chancellor’s has participated in the Olympiad and we are looking forward to next year’s students trying to match the high standards of both Robert and Alex.
Further success for Grace
June 21, 2013
By Mrs L Moore - PE Teacher
Grace Gear was selected to play for England at the U15 European Team Championships in Gerona, Spain on the 16th– 19th May 2013.Grace performed exceptionally well alongside her team mates resulting in England winning the tournament.

Well done Grace, another fantastic result.
Grant Shapps visits Chancellor's
June 18, 2013
By Mr D Croston
We were delighted to welcome the local MP, Grant Shapps to Chancellor’s earlier this month. Some of our older students had the opportunity to question Mr Shapps about key political issues.

They acquitted themselves magnificently, and Mr Shapps remarked on how impressive they were. He tweeted “At Chancellor's School earlier meeting future journalists and politicians! Very impressed”.

Interview by George Hartley, Year 8 student, Shakira Mogendram, Year 7 student, Stephanie Mabbutt and Lucy-Louise Ford, Year 9 students:

“What inspired you to become a politician?”
When Grant was a child he watched Newsround and decided he wanted to be a presenter. As he researched news articles, he decided that rather than reporting on news he would make the news. It suited him because you didn’t need any grades or qualifications to become a politician and also he liked a good fight. It took him 20 years to become a politician but he persevered. He sometimes looks back when he’s in 10 Downing Street and thinks how amazing his position is and what a privilege he has there.

“What was your proudest moment?”
Grant’s proudest or rather most embarrassing moment was when he had to swear an oath to the Queen to be in the Privy Council. He had to kneel down in front of the her and kiss her hand. As she pulled her hand away he did super suction and made a massive SLURRP sound which echoed around the whole of Buckingham Palace! He felt proud, but utterly embarrassed at that moment.

“What are your plans for the upcoming year?”
Grant is already the Chairman of the Conservative government. The Conservative party has a bit of a dilemma; they are in midterm and the next election is within the next year. They have a lack of money and also don’t have the majority, so they had to form a coalition government with the Lib Dems. The next election will be a challenge but Grant is determined to show progress. The decisions he will have to make will be difficult but every one will make a difference; the economy is growing again and they are aiming to succeed in the elections.

“Why are there so few women in the government?”
The government is a difficult place for women. They are used to males and also the hours they sit are difficult for women, for certain reasons! If women are mothers they spend an awful lot of time at Westminster and the hours are very late, which is not suitable for a mother with children. However the parliament is stopping earlier, gradually and it has got better in that respect. The job is very challenging, all the more for women.

“What are your thoughts on the New Barnfield Incinerator?”
Grant thinks the incinerator is being built in a inappropriate place. It is being built right in front of a special needs school, and there will be many trucks running over the narrow road. He thinks that it is important that our waste is managed and is not against the building of an incinerator, but believes that it is being built in the wrong place.

We really valued the opportunity to interview Grant Shapps, and it was an extremely interesting and educational experience.