Archived News for May 2013

Netball End of Season Review
May 31, 2013
By Mrs L Moore - PE Teacher
7 'A' finished in 3rd position - Players Player Olivia Bacon.
8 'A' District Champions - Players Player Charlie Brennan.
9 'A' finished in 3rd position - Players Player Grace Rowe.
10 'A' narrowly missed out on 1st place to Owens based on goal difference. An outstanding performance girls, well done. Players Player Katie Smith.

7 'B' again narrowly missed out on 1st place to Owens by goal difference, finished in runner up position. Players Player Mia Bracher.
8 'B' placed 3rd - Players Player Erin Murphy.
9 'B' league was incomplete with games from various schools missing.
10 'B' were runner's up in the district league, missing out on 1st place by one game. Players Player Claire Dean.

A fantastic season for Chancellor's netball teams, with 8 A finishing as District Champions, 10A, 7B and 10B finishing as runner's up and all other teams in 3rd. An excellent result in what was a very competitive league. Well done girls......... Bring on the rounders!!!!
Year 8 'A' Netball team are District Champions!
May 31, 2013
By Mrs L Moore - PE Teacher
Congratulations to girls in the 8A netball team who are now the Mid Herts District League Champions, following a very successful season winning all of their games. Overall players’ player is awarded to Charlie Brennan for the most nominations in the games played.

Chancellor's other netball teams also did extremely well with many teams finishing as runners up in the district league.

Year 9 French Trip to Ambleteuse
May 24, 2013
By Mollie Swain, Maddie Runagall, Hannah Newell and Lucy-Louise Ford - Year 9 Students
I went on the French trip this year with around 40 other students at Chancellor’s and all I can say is that it was the best school trip I’ve been on in my life! The journey there was long, but enjoyable as we got to sit with all of our friends.

When we first got there we had a stretch, and then headed for the snail farm, which was so interesting and fun! I for one was super cosy and warm, (the weather wasn’t the best) as my friend Shaan and myself wore our onesies! We then headed to the Ambleteuse Centre, had a nice first dinner, then went to our rooms and unpacked!

The next day, we had an early start, had a nice breakfast, and then got our bags together to go to the College Caraquet to meet our pen pal friends and more! Everyone was so friendly, and they were amazing at English! I met so many nice people like MarieLou, Camille, Charlotte, Martin and even more!

After a great morning there, we went to a chocolate factory. It was so nice to learn so much in a short period of time about something I love! It smelt amazing, looked amazing, and we bought some items from the shop, and so it tasted amazing! We then went to the beach to chill for a bit after a busy day, but the weather wasn’t the best so we left earlier than planned. Then we went into town and went shopping in groups and we were able to spend some more of our money!

On Tuesday, we went into town and had a shopping lunch challenge where we were given 5 Euros per group and we had to buy things to make the best lunch! My friend Lucy and I bought a roll and some ham and cheese. Later on we made our lunches back at the centre, ate them, then the French students we met came to the centre for a sports afternoon. We played rounders, football, table tennis and more!

On Wednesday, we got the chance to go to Paris for the day! It may have been a 34 hour journey but it was worth it! There were so many big branded shops like MAC! Also it was very busy as Shakira was making an appearance at a shop to launch her new perfume. Later that evening we went to an amazing restaurant and then headed back, we got to the centre at around 10pm!

As the next day was our last, and most people hadn’t spent loads of their money yet, we had our last chance to shop. We went to a massive shopping centre! There were so many more shops that I hadn’t ever been to before which was great! Overall the trip was the best ever and I’m glad that I shared it with some of my closest friends!

Student Report by Mollie Swain

On Sunday 24th March, 42 Y9 pupils travelled to Ambleteuse, in Northern France. Our first stop was at a snail farm with a very enthusiastic snail owner where we learnt a lot about the life of snail (they were looking after them and not eating them!). After a few more trips we made our way to the centre to unpack and to be assigned our rooms for the rest of the stay.

On Monday, we visited our partner school, Le Collège Caraquet, where we met the students, and ate a fantastic French lunch. Afterwards we travelled on to a chocolate heaven, called les Chocolats de Beussent, where we had a talk about where the chocolate comes from and how it is made. We saw the Easter collection, which were made up of bunnies, chicks and cows. We had the opportunity to sample the chocolate, which had been specially made for us. The rest of the afternoon was spent in Le Touquet, a small coastal town, with a lovely beach and wonderful shops.

On Tuesday morning, we had to do some work, which was a fun task. We were given a market mission, we were given 5 euros between two people and we had to go round the market and buy the best lunch possible (we had to speak French), the winning team created a huge sandwich out of a whole loaf of bread and a whole chicken! This was a fun experience, enjoyed by everybody.

In the afternoon, we had a sports afternoon with the French students we met on Monday. We won the rounders competition and the French won the pingpong.

On Wednesday, the best day of the week for most people because we went to Paris, went to the Stade de France, saw all the sights, had a French lunch and even had time to go shopping on the Champs Elysees. We have already started saving for our next visit to Paris.

The journey home on Thursday was via Cite Europe, which is a massive shopping centre felt like a bigger, French version of Brent Cross. After the shops, we went through security and made our way back to England. We got back to school a bit earlier than expected and went home for a nice sleep.

Student Report by Maddie Runagall, Hannah Newell and Lucy-Louise Ford

Year 10 & 11 Art Exhibition
May 24, 2013
By Kelly Pinto, Year 10 student
On Wednesday 22nd of May, the art department held an exhibition to present the coursework and exam work of year 10 and 11 students.

Teachers such as Mrs Grant and Mrs Jordan-Jones attended as well as family of students, to admire the amount of time and effort put into our artwork. There was a positive atmosphere on the day with teachers, families and students mingling to discuss and appreciate the best of the art student’s work, which were all varied due to different year groups having different topics. Year 10 BTEC students focused on ‘A sense of place’ and, within B20 where this groups work was held, I witnessed students such Rebecca Gunning and Jay Benjamin-Sampath proudly standing by their exhibition boards discussing to on lookers how they created each piece.

Overall it was a successful art exhibition which showed everyone the raw talent students have.
Sponsor a Child Update
May 23, 2013
By Mrs S Shum
We are pleased to say that through the generosity of the students of Chancellor’s School, we have been able to sponsor Ruwarashe Mugadza.

Ruwarashe was born in 2006, she has six siblings and her family are Christians and they speak Shona.

Ruwarashe and her family live in Chiendambuya in Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe is the third poorest country in the world in 2012. Their home is made of mud baked bricks with a thatched roof which is prone to blowing away in high winds. It is circular in shape and has one room and the family all sleep in this room. The family’s cooking is done outside in a small hut. Ruwarashe’s family have a small plot of land on which they can grow crops for consumption or sale, if there is any excess. Their usual diet is thick maize meal porridge, with vegetables. Land is allocated to families by the local authorities and is in the husbands’ names. Sons can inherit the land but women are not permitted ownership although they may work their gardens to produce food for the family.

For more information about Ruwarashe and her family click here.
Triple Gold Success
May 21, 2013
By Katie Hutley, Year 9 student
On the 11th of May, my athletics team and I all went to Chelmsford to compete in the Disability Sports Events (DSE) Regional Championships.

People with all different disabilities come from all over the East of England to compete in two or three events - for example, field events like javelin, discus and shot put, and track events like the 100, 200 and 400 metres.

My events were discus, shot and 100 metres, and I won gold in all of them after throwing far enough to be classified as a champion for my disability category and winning the 100 metres. It was the first time I've won gold in all three events and I was very pleased with myself afterwards!

It was a very good day full of achievement, and everyone was really nice to both winners and losers. I also had the pleasure of meeting Paralympian Jonathan Adams, who is an F34 shot and discus thrower, who presented me with my shot medal. My next competition is the Blackpool Nationals in July, and I'm looking forward to that massively.
Football Success for Lauren
May 21, 2013
By Mrs L Moore
Lauren Telling, Year 8, had a busy weekend on the 11th and 12th of May, representing Bury Rangers Youth Girls FC in two football finals.

On Saturday Lauren played as goal keeper in the Shield Cup Final v Berkhamsted Raiders. Lauren played exceptionally well and made a few crucial saves to keep a clean sheet resulting in a 3-0 win.

Lauren also played on Sunday in the Challenge Cup Final v St. Albans City Youth Girls North FC. This time Lauren played upfront and the team worked exceptionally well together to win the match 5-1.

Congratulations to Lauren and her team for excellent results over the weekend and her commitment to sport outside of school.
Music Achievements
May 16, 2013
By Mr M Clarke
Last month Charlotte Brennan (Year 8) entered the North London Music Festival and won silver medal, the standard was particularly high and she did very well to get the silver medal with distinction.

Tom Cocks (Year 7) and Agon Shakiri (Year 10) played in the Hatfield Festival over the Easter holidays. Tom got a distinction certificate. Agon came 2nd in the ‘14 & under class’. The boys faced stiff competition from the good sized classes and a chatty hub of professional musician parents, so they did really well. Tom Cocks' Pachelbel Canon group also won the group class, under 14, too.

Trip to the River Lea
May 15, 2013
By Charlotte Brennan, Year 8 student
In Geography, Year 8 have been studying rivers and water. To further our knowledge and to collect our own data for rivers, we went to the River Lea at Wheathampstead.

When we arrived and got off of the coach, we had a short walk to the river where Miss Loader was waiting for us wearing her waders and standing in the middle of the river. She asked for six volunteers so we put wellington boots, waterproof jackets and trousers on and then stood in the river with her to help collect all of the data needed. While the volunteers were getting ready, Miss Loader was measuring the width of the river with a tape measure so that we could write the result down in our booklets. We then also talked about how we could improve the method that we used to measure the river and came to the conclusion that we could do this by measuring the river every one kilometre.

After this I got in the river and Miss Loader and I started to measure the depth of the river every 50cm while the rest of the year recorded the results. Then the rest of the volunteers got in the river and we started our final test. This test measured the velocity, which is the speed that the water flows in the river. We did this by having three people lined up horizontally at one part of the river, and then we had the other three people lined up the same way about 6 metres further down the river.

The three people at the top end were given an orange each which they then had to place in the river when Miss Loader said go and the other three people had to pick the orange out of the water when it got to them. We had a person standing at the side of the river with a stop watch so we could see which orange travelled fastest. We did this test five times so that we could collect an average for each pair and then decide where the highest velocity was.

After this we started to walk back to the coach, making several detours to talk about floodplains and what they were. We also looked at a man-made meander in the river and why it had been built there.

It was very interesting to go and collect our own data and an excellent way to end the topic. Miss Loader was wearing bunny ears to raise money for Comic Relief.

Spring Music Concert
May 02, 2013
By Ben Rocca, Year 13 student
The Spring Music Concert started with the Jazz band. The band was in stunning form, ripping through two numbers, with most of the band taking solo spots.

The audience were encouraged to applaud after each solo which set the tone of celebration for the rest of the evening.

The Year 7 ukulele group were joined by the returning ex-pupil Laura Sutherland and the Sixth Form a cappella group “All Sorts”. Indeed, it is one of the many strengths of Chancellor’s in promoting a vertical approach to collaborations of this kind.

Throughout the evening the A level music students performed selections from their upcoming exam recitals. I had a slight technical mishap (in that my keyboard suddenly cut out mid performance) only to return in the second half with a repaired keyboard and produced a rendition of “Prelude in D flat” by Scriabin which was well received by the audience.

The choir topped and tailed each half and were joined by the Year 7 Castang brothers on “California Dreaming”. The choir themselves seem to be gearing up nicely for their summer music tour to Spain.

Many audience members commented at the interval about the diversity and range of musical talent here at Chancellor’s and they were further entertained by the likes of the chamber choir, Xavier Guerra with his band and the return of the All Sorts.

The finale saw the Chancellor’s School Orchestra give its debut performance. It took a while for the 40-odd pupils to take their places and complete the all-important tuning but soon they were finishing the concert with rousing versions of “Minuet” from Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks and the theme from “Star Wars” by John Williams.
Battle of the Bands 2013
May 02, 2013
By Alex Anderson, Year 13 student
On Friday the 26th April, we Sixth Formers held our annual Battle of the Bands, an event that always proves to be a hit with this year being no exception.

The evening was hosted by our very own Georgia Pittson and Robert Wiltshire, who I’m sure you’ll all agree, gave Ant and Dec a run for their money! Performers included ‘AKA’, ‘Tilt Shift’, ‘Natural Disaster’ and ‘Triple Threat’, who were judged by Miss Smith, Mrs Stefanou and Mr Stevenson. All of our entertainers undoubtedly did Chancellor’s proud but the winners of the event were ‘AKA’. The group were rewarded with a three day professional music video shoot as well as a recording session by Phoenix Video Productions! Their runners up were ‘Triple Threat’ who received some well-deserved iTunes vouchers for their appearance. As well as these tremendous acts, we also had some incredible guest performances from our ex-pupil Ian Gunning and current Year 11 pupil Xavier Guerra!

Thank you very much to everyone who came to support the excellent bands Chancellor's has to offer as well as everyone who gave their time to make the evening such a success.