Archived News for April 2013

Year 8 A Netball team are District Champions!
April 29, 2013
By Mrs L Moore
Congratulations to girls in the 8A netball team who are now the Mid Herts District League Champions, following a very successful season winning all of their games. Overall players’ player is awarded to Charlie Brennan for the most nominations in the games played.

Chancellor's other netball teams also did extremely well with many teams finishing as runners up in the district league.
Rotary Young Chef of the Year Competition
April 24, 2013
By Lewis Beat, Year 9 student
Recently I competed in a cooking competition called the Rotary Young Chef of the Year.
There are four rounds in total and I won the area heat and went through to the regional final. For the first round I had to travel to Monks walk School and make a main course and dessert. For the main course I made lamb kofte, tomato rice, a spinach salad and homemade hummus. For dessert I made a peach and rosemary tarte tatin.

A lot of preparation had to be done for this but I was delighted to win. After winning the first round I had two weeks to prepare for the next round. In addition to what I made in the first round I had to make a starter so I choose a pomegranate, orange and lentil salad.

This time I had to travel to Hitchin Regional College and cook in a professional kitchen. This round I felt was a lot harder, there was even more preparation, no extra time and a professional kitchen which I was definitely not used to.

I unfortunately didn't make it through this round but the experience was fantastic and I will definitely try it again next year.
Year 9 Trip to Bayfordbury Observatory
April 24, 2013
By Julia Everett, Year 9 student
On Monday 19th March in the evening, a group of Year 9 students and their parents had the opportunity to visit Bayfordbury Observatory near Hertford which is a part of the University of Hertfordshire.

First of all we listened to a talk by one of the students about the origins of the universe, the big bang theory and what there is out there in space. He enthusiastically described how the universe is still expanding and explained just how big and how old it is, whilst admit-ting new discoveries change what we think we know. Afterwards we had time to ask questions about the universe, including religion vs science, whether there is life on other planets and have aliens visited earth – the answer being almost definitely yes and almost definitely no, respectively.

We then split into two groups. Our group went into the planetarium where we sat and looked up as our guide showed us the constellations, explained how to find the North Star and then sped up time to show us that al-though stars look as if they are standing still, they are actually moving about, all at different rates. Again, questions were encouraged. After a brief but interesting demonstration of how you can see different things using different types of light, i.e. infra-red and ultra violet, we then went out-side to the observatories with three other students.

Unfortunately the weather was dreadful and we had to be careful to dodge puddles in the dark. It was too cloudy to look through the telescopes, but the students told us that had we been able to, we could have seen Jupiter.

They showed how they move the telescopes and how to move the roof of the observatory to the position they want it. The telescopes are connected to computers so you can see the results from somewhere warm and comfortable rather than having to sit in a cold damp observatory for hours!

It was a fascinating evening enjoyed by students and parents alike and thank you to Mrs Hearn for organising the trip.

The Observatory has open days and I would like to go back on a clear night so I can see the stars and planets my-self.

Sixth Form Charity Walk
April 12, 2013
By Sixth Form
(Updated - 13.15) We are within a few hundred yards of the summit but will not carry on all the way to the top - the visibility is very poor.

It's pretty cold up here with lots of snow everywhere. We are now coming down and hope to get back safely. Photos to follow later.

(Updated - 12.15) Unseen @unseenorg - Big shout out to the 6th formers of @ChancellorsSch climbing Snowdon in support of Unseen via @GivingNation

(Updated - 11.15am) We have now been walking since 9am and have another hour to go before we reach the summit.

It's been raining and there is about a foot of snow but the whole group is coping well.

Once we get to the peak, we will try to post some photos.

(Updated - 4.00am) - It's 4am and we are off. Hopefully the weather is going to be on our side.

Charity Walk Update - 11th March

On Friday 12th April 2013 a team of 15 sixth form students, who were randomly selected out of 27 who volunteered, will attempt to walk up the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdon, to raise awareness of human trafficking.

They will attempt to complete this challenge in 4 hours. You will be able to follow their progress from the early hours of Friday morning on this page.

This will be the pinnacle of their fundraising effort for the charity Unseen.

Please support them by making a donation through GivingNation to this worthwhile charity.

Thank you for your support

Sixth Form: Charity Expedition - 7th March

Human trafficking is a bigger problem now than ever before. Increasingly more and more individuals and families are being taken from their homes unwillingly and being transported to unfamiliar places and forced to work in horrendous conditions. There is an enormous criminal network trafficking, the UN estimates that nearly 4 million individuals are trafficked each year of which 1.2 million are children (more than were ever transported when the slave trade was legal). This is the most lucrative criminal industry after the illegal drug trade. Annual profits are thought to exceed £25 billion.

Unseen UK is a charity that aims to stop human trafficking and provide support in the following areas:

Prevention - To support and develop frontline projects that actively seek to help vulnerable people from becoming enslaved both here in the UK as a destination country and in source countries. To raise awareness of human trafficking and deliver training courses to inform and equip people to spot the signs of trafficking and subsequently know how to act.

Survivor support - To initiate and lead projects that will directly help survivors re-establish their lives, begin the process of recovering from the horrific ordeals they have been subjected to and avoid becoming re-enslaved.

Working with others - To work with government at all levels, its agencies, other NGOs and commercial businesses to raise awareness, gather information and act to prevent slavery and support survivors.

To raise awareness the 6th form are going to take a team up the tallest mountain in Wales, Snowdon. We plan to complete the route in 4 hours wiping two hours off the advised guide book time of 6 hours. The expedition will take place on the 12th of April and we plan to raise over £1000 for unseen UK. We will be updating you on our progress throughout the day.

Follow this link to help support our cause.

Superb Year 11 Maths Results
April 01, 2013
By Miss L Paraskeva
On Thursday 18th April, Year 11 students received the results for their actual GCSE in maths, which they sat in February and March. It was a very impressive set of results with a staggering 84% achieving A*-C and a third of all students achieving A* or A grades.

Some of the students have now started the A Level course, whilst others are looking to improve their grades. Congratulations to all students involved.
Here are some of the reactions from the students:

I feel motivated to get this grade and above in all my GCSEs, very happy! – Alexis

I feel euphoric! Doing two past papers every day paid off! Thank you for the help, I’m so pleased – Cydney

HAPPY, but still going for a B – George

I feel absolutely shocked, literally shocked. I am so happy that I got a B – it’s such a good feeling. Thank you so much for your help Miss. I never thought I’d be able to do the higher paper and get a B. All those past papers were worth it – Charlotte

I’m soooooooooo happy!!! – Jack

I got a B in my GCSE and I feel great because I only need Ds for college – Liam

I feel very happy about my grade because I think I worked really hard to achieve above my target grade – Lucy

I am very happy with my A*. I am going try the A Level class now - Aaron

I am so, so, so, so happy with my grade as I have improved from a G to a B in 3 years. I feel so good and proud of myself. Thank you – Jess

I’m over the moon – Chris