Archived News for January 2013

Nationwide Bible Writing Competition
January 01, 2013
By Peter Bryant, Year 8 student
As I stood in the Central Lobby in the Houses of Parliament I couldn’t get to grips with the fact that I had come second out of the whole nation in a school bible writing competition.

My parents and Mrs Shum accompanied me as we gathered in the Central Lobby on the Chancellor’s Budget statement day. The atmosphere was really buzzing with news reporters to my left and Lords and MPs to my right.
We were met by a very enthusiastic lady called Joanna Bogle, a journalist and writer, who was the organiser. She took us on a small tour of the Central Lobby and Westminster Hall, explaining their impressive architecture and fascinating history and how they played such an important part in our country’s
democracy and freedom.

Our tour carried us out of Parliament into the buildings next door called Milbank. We had a cup of tea and pastries and soon the time came when Lord Alton of Liverpool came into the room.

We all settled down and Lord Alton gave us a speech of how our entries were chosen and how he is involved in the bible writing project. He told us that we were very lucky to be able to have freedom of religious belief. He said in some countries today such as North Korea, people are imprisoned or even executed for having a Bible in their possession. Lord Alton then handed out the prizes – £250 for the school and a bible for me.