National Student Art Exhibition at The Mall Galleries 2016

On Tuesday 5th July, I was able to visit the Mall galleries, to see my painting displayed in the ‘National Student Art Exhibition’.

We had to send in a couple of our best paintings to be selected by the gallery for the exhibition and my portrait named ‘Hannah’ was chosen alongside two other students in the sixth form. My painting was done alongside the study of the artist Caravaggio and Chiaroscuro (the use of dramatic shadows).

At the opening of the event we looked at all of the artwork of students around the country from the ages 11-18. Also on the day, James Horton, the president of the Royal Society of British Arts, made a speech about the event. I found the event very inspiring and enjoyable. I also liked having the opportunity to present my work in such a professional environment.

Eva Povey, Year 12 Student