Sixth Form Ethos

In September, students will be asked to sign up for an enrichment course to supplement their studies. Some of these courses will lead to qualifications; others will allow students to attain a greater understanding of the field of study. The enrichment courses are designed to allow students to pursue an area of study they may have enjoyed at GCSE but have chosen to give up at A-Level.

Physical Education

Physical Education is not a timetabled subject for Sixth Form.

6th Formers are encouraged to participate in school representative sports (e.g. football, netball, rugby, and cricket). In discussion with the PE Department, students may find a free period on the timetable that a member of staff is happy to supervise.

Inter-form activities are usually organised by the Prefect team.

Help Lessons

Year 12 students are expected to help a member of staff once a week in a lesson with younger students.


All Sixth Formers are expected to do a weekly duty in the school vicinity. Attendance is monitored by the Prefect Team and the work done by students who are on duty is invaluable.


All Year 7 students are allocated a Year 12 'Buddy' to assist them in their first year at school. Buddy sessions are timetabled monthly and Year 12 students find this a very rewarding experience.

Code of Dress

Sixth Formers are not expected to wear uniform, but they are required to dress smartly and formally. It is important that the Sixth Form set a good example to the rest of the school at all times, by adhering to this dress code.

All clothing should be suitable to be worn as formal business dress in an office.

Boys are expected to wear jackets and collar and tie, with their shirts tucked in.

Girls are expected to wear a formal jacket with either skirt or trousers. Skirts should be worn at an appropriate length, and be of a formalstyle. Trousers should be of a formal cut, and of a full length. Tops should cover the midriff and shoulders.

Sixth Formers can expect to be sent home if they do not dress appropriately.

N.B. There is no place in the dress code for jeans, jumper dresses, mini skirts, leggings or strappy tops.

A copy of the dress code is found in the Sixth Form Diary.