Our library promotes reading for pleasure as well as reading for educational purposes. We have an excellent range of fiction titles including new releases, classic literature, graphic novels, young adult fiction, quick reads, and short stories. Our library also stocks a comprehensive range of non-fiction books that support the curriculum and provide an opportunity for wider reading.

We also stock a selection of DVDs or ‘films of the book’. Students are strongly encouraged to read the book BEFORE watching the film.

Students are able to borrow DVDs for 3 days and are only able to borrow one DVD at a time.

We have a range of resources available in the library. We have a bank of computers for students to use during break, lunch and after school for doing homework and school work. Students are able to print their homework in the library. Students are able to access the internet in the library. Access is filtered for student safety.

There are magazines, newspapers and a range of fun books for students to access out of lesson time when relaxing in the library.

For students with additional needs, we also have alpha smart keyboards, braille and audio books available for loan.