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Year 10 & 11

Sociology is taught in mixed ability groups

Exam Board and Specification number

AQA sociology 41901 Unit one, 41902 Unit two

Assessment Information

One GCSE exam in year 10 (unit one) worth 50% of the overall GCSE.
One GCSE exam in year 11 (unit two) worth 50% of the overall GCSE. This will change in 2013-14 and there will be two exams in year 11.

Main topics covered

Studying society, Families and households, Education, Crime and deviance, mass media, power and social inequality, examination practice and preparation in year 10 and year 11.


Sociology GCSE for AQA by Pauline Wilson and Allan Kidd ISBNumber: 978-0-00-731070-8

Year 12

Exam Board and Specification number

AQA Sociology SCLY 1, and SCLY 2

AS outline

At this level, pupils will acquire knowledge of contemporary social processes and social changes. Pupils will be encouraged to develop their own social awareness through active engagement with the contemporary social world.

Assessment Information

Units 1 and 2 are examined at the end of the year.
Unit 1: Families and Households
Unit 2: Education with Research Methods
There is no coursework to complete.

Main topics covered

Socialisation and culture and identity within British society.
Social differentiation, power and stratification within Britain.
Families and Households that exist within Britain today. Different types of families.
Research Methods.


A variety of textbooks are used at AS and A2 level of the course. The sociology library is available for all pupils to access and use.

Haralambos and Holborn Sociology, themes and perspectives (Main textbook) ISBNumber: 978-0-00-724595-6

All students will be given when they start AS level sociology, a full reading list of textbooks that are recommended for the course.

Year 13

Exam Board and Syllabus number

AQA Sociology SCLY 3, and SCLY 4

A2 outline

At this level, pupils will continue to focus on contemporary society but they should demonstrate a wider range and greater depth of knowledge and understanding and more highly developed skills of application, analysis, interpretation and evaluation.

Main topics covered

Unit 3: Beliefs in Society
The Unit 3 exam is taken in the January so all pupils will have taken most of the units before the end of the 2 year course.
Unit 4: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods


Once again reading several textbooks are essential A2 level skills and this is encouraged so students achieve the best grades possible.


  • Mrs.L. Redgwell (Subject Leader)
  • Mr. J. Whitelock


A dedicated classroom (E41) with computers for pupils to use.

A sociology library within the classroom stocked with GCSE, A level books and journals to read.

Extra Curricular

Sociology students will get the opportunity to attend sociology conferences in London and some local universities to gain an insight into current sociological research into topical issues within our society.

Students MUST be aware of current affair issues by watching television, using the internet, reading quality newspapers and or journals. Discussions play an important role in learning.