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Y8 Trip to Germany
June 29, 2016
By Mrs C Stefanou, Teacher of Languages
In June 2016, a group of 48 Year 8 pupils travelled to the Rhineland and spent five days experiencing German culture at first hand, as well trying their hand at a spot of German.
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French Pancake Day
February 26, 2016
By Miss N Richardson
As part of a topic on Mardi Gras and la Chandeleur (Pancake Day), Year 8 French students had the chance to top and sample some crêpes in their French lessons on Pancake Day, Tuesday 9th February 2016.
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Blog for Québec
December 01, 2015
By Miss S Zeal
GCSE students have been working hard in French to produce a blog to communicate with Ecole de Paul-Hubert in Québec. We are looking forward to seeing their response! Read More

Year 7

From September 2015, Year 7 students choose 2 out of the 3 languages offered (French, German and Italian) to study at KS3.

Italian will be taught to two classes of Year 7 from September 2015 . These classes will continue studying Italian through KS3 to the end of Year 9 when they can opt to study it for GCSE.

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Year 12 & 13


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  • Miss. S. Zeal (Head of MFL Faculty)
  • Mrs. S. Abouzahrah
  • Mrs. P. Ridley
  • Miss. M. Baptisto
  • Mrs. P. Stevenson
  • Mrs. C. Stefanou
  • Mrs. M. Mustafa
  • Mr. J. Huddleston
  • Miss. N. Richardson


Interactive whiteboards, Laptops, Digital video and audio recorders, Visualiser, Expo and Elektro (Years 7 - 9) Nelson Thornes kerboodle online resources (A level)

Extra Curricular


  • Year 7 – German Christmas Market
  • Year 8 – Rhineland
  • Year 9 – Boulogne
  • Year 12/13 – Paris (combined with Art on alternate years)
  • Year 12/13 – National Gallery
  • Year 12/13 – Berlin (combined with History)

Language Leaders Awards

Blog with French School in Québec

Video calls with School in Germany