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Y8 Trip to Germany
June 29, 2016
By Mrs C Stefanou, Teacher of Languages
In June 2016, a group of 48 Year 8 pupils travelled to the Rhineland and spent five days experiencing German culture at first hand, as well trying their hand at a spot of German.
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French Pancake Day
February 26, 2016
By Miss N Richardson
As part of a topic on Mardi Gras and la Chandeleur (Pancake Day), Year 8 French students had the chance to top and sample some crêpes in their French lessons on Pancake Day, Tuesday 9th February 2016.
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Blog for Québec
December 01, 2015
By Miss S Zeal
GCSE students have been working hard in French to produce a blog to communicate with Ecole de Paul-Hubert in Québec. We are looking forward to seeing their response! Read More

Year 7

From September 2015, Year 7 students choose 2 out of the 3 languages offered (French, German and Italian) to study at KS3.

Taught in form groups for the first term and then in teaching groups across two forms according to literacy and linguistic ability:

Main topics covered: greetings, numbers, colours, talking about yourself / likes and dislikes, describing people, school, the time, describing a school day, holidays, dream destinations and food.

Main grammar points :- er verbs, avoir and être in the present tense, adjectival agreements , mon, ma, mes, the negative, du , de la , des , reflexive verbs, what you can do on holiday. Introduction to the future tense and conditional tenses.

Assessment Information:

Two core assessments at the end of each module in three of the six skills of Listening, Dictation, Reading, Translation, Writing and Speaking. One End of Year Exam which will assess all six skills.

Textbook Studio 1 published by Heinemann ( Pearson education ) ISBNumber: 978 0 435026 96 7

Year 8

Taught in sets 1-4. Sets 1-4 are Upper Band. Pupils in set 5 will study French only but will have 3 lessons a week. Pupils in Sets 1 and 2 will use the more advanced course.

Main topics covered:- hobbies and pastimes, TV programmes, cinema, reading, the internet, personal identity, describing where you live, in depth study of Paris.

Main grammar points:- jouer à , the verb faire, j’aime & infinitive, ils and elles plural present tense, ir and re verbs in the present tense, er verbs in the Past tense, using two tenses together, using comparative adjectives, using prepositions and asking questions.

Assessment Information

Two core assessments at the end of each module in three of the six skills of Listening, Dictation, Reading, Translation, Writing and Speaking. One End of Year Exam which will assess all six skills.

Textbook: The online Activeteach course is used instead of a textbook with relevant sheets and photocopies being given to pupils.

The pupil's book is ISBN 978 0 435026 97 4 ( red book) / ISBN 978 0 435026 93 6 ( green book )

Year 9

Taught in sets. 1-4 are Upper Band Set 5 learn French only but have three lessons a week, Sets 1 and 2 will use the more advanced red book.

Main topics covered: Things to see in Paris, wishes and future plans, invitations and excuses, going on a date, attending a music event, sport and fitness, healthy living and lifestyles, holiday activities, extreme sports and visiting a tourist attraction.

Main grammar points covered:- form the perfect tense of regular and irregular verbs (prendre / faire / boire / voir , perfect tense negatives,verbs with être in the past tense, c’était and ce n’était pas + adjective, aller in the perfect tense, questions in the past tense, the use of infinitives and modal verbs, the tu form of the imperative, superlative adjectives, using 3 time frames, asking and giving an opinion about someone, qualifiers (vraiment / un peu etc), direct object pronouns, the simple future, irregular verbs in the future, questions using inversion, the pronoun y, the conditional tense and reflexive verbs.

Assessment Information

Two core assessments at the end of each module in three of the six skills of Listening, Dictation, Reading, Translation, Writing and Speaking. One Year 9 Exam which will assess all six skills.

Pupil book: ISBN 978 0 435026 94 3 ( red book) ISBN 978 0 435026 95 0 ( green book )

Year 10 & 11

Taught in sets 1 - 3 with additional group timetabled at a different time.

Exam Board and Syllabus number: EDEXCEL 2 FR01

Assessment Information

Year 9:

A practice controlled assessment will be set at the end of Year 9

Year 10:

There will be 1 Mock Examination in Listening, Reading , Writing and Speaking during Year 10 exam week. Practice questions for the Controlled Assessments which take place in Year 11 will be at the end of each module studied in Year 10 and marks from these will inform both the students and staff about progress and the level which can be attained in Year 11.

Year 11:

  • Assessments and Exams
  • There will be one mock exam in Listening and Reading which will take place in November
  • 2 Controlled Assessments will be set for each of the two skills of Speaking and Writing worth 60% of the total grade.
  • One Listening Exam will be taken in May/June worth 20%
  • One Reading Exam will be taken in May/June worth 20%

Main topics covered

Myself and my friends, my free time and sport, the region where I live, shopping and travelling, school, work and jobs, tourism and holidays, lifestyles, pollution and endangered species.


  • Set 1: Edexcel GCSE French Higher published by Pearson Education ISBN Number: 978 1 84690 484 4
  • Sets 2 & 3: Edexcel GCSE French Foundation ISBN Number: 978 1 84690 488 2

We also strongly recommend that students purchase the Edexcel revision guides to assist them with their preparation for the Listening and reading exams. These will be on sale at both Year 10 & 11 Parent Consultation Evenings.

  • Edexcel GCSE French Revision Guide ISBN-13: 978-1446903476
  • Edexcel GCSE French Revision Workbook ISBN-13: 978-1446903346
  • Edexcel GCSE French Practice Papers ISBN-13: 978-1292013725

Year 12 & 13

Exam Board and Syllabus number: AQA 2650 FREN 1 and FREN 2 (T)

Assessment Information

Unit 1 Listening, Reading and Essay Writing ( taken in May of Year 12 )

Unit 2 Oral ( taken in May of Year 12 )

Unit 3 Listening , Reading , Writing ( taken in June of Year 13 )

Unit 4 Oral ( taken in May of Year 13 )

Main topics covered

AS Media ( TV advertising, new technologies ), Popular Culture ( Cinema, Music, Fashion ), healthy Lifestyle( sport, well-being, holidays ), Family & Relationships ( family, friends and marriage / co-habitation, civil partnerships)

A2 The environment, The Multi-cultural society, Contemporary Social Issues and two cultural topics on the theme typically of a French painter, a period of French History and a novel or collection of poems.


AS - AQA French published by Nelson Thornes ISBN Number: 978-0-7487-9807-0

A2 - AQA French published by Nelson Thornes ISBN Number 978-0-7487-9808-7


Transition – Summer work is set on the school website for prospective A-level students.

AS - One assessment after each unit. One mock will take place in November / December and one in February.

A2 - One assessment after each unit ( Listening and Reading to be assessed in class ). One writing assignment on the cultural topic will take place in March then a second writing assignment on Un sac de billes will take place around April / May.

Oral exams for AS and A2 take place in May.

Additional Resources:

French Assistant from beginning October to end May to assist with classes, help with the A-level course and, in particular, to talk French to GCSE students and to give extra speaking and grammar tuition to the A-level students

French Literature Library


  • Miss. S. Zeal (Head of MFL Faculty)
  • Mrs. S. Abouzahrah
  • Mrs. P. Ridley
  • Miss. M. Baptisto
  • Mrs. P. Stevenson
  • Mrs. C. Stefanou
  • Mrs. M. Mustafa
  • Mr. J. Huddleston
  • Miss. N. Richardson


Interactive whiteboards, Tablets, Laptops, Digital video and audio recorders, Active teach, Studio, Expo and Elektro (Years 7 - 9) Nelson Thornes kerboodle online resources (A level)

Extra Curricular


  • Year 7 – German Christmas Market
  • Year 8 – Rhineland
  • Year 9 – Boulogne
  • Year 12/13 – Paris (combined with Art on alternate years)
  • Year 12/13 – National Gallery
  • Year 12/13 – Berlin (combined with History)

Language Leaders Awards

Blog with French School in Québec

Video calls with School in Germany